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Manufacturing decals are the affordable option for providing regulatory symbols, warnings, instructions, UPC codes, decorations, schematics, or to just boost your organization’s brand recognition by labeling products with your business’s logo and name. Potter Decals has been a leader in creating these manufacturing stickers and more for over 90 years. We have the knowledge to supply our clients with recommendations based on the needs of their specific applications.

As a manufacturer, your most valuable assets are not just your equipment, your facilities, or even your trade secrets, but also your employees. This is why we get plenty of requests for safety decals that foster the safe work environment to help your employees be their best. We offer hazardous warning and instructional labels, and can also manufacture custom ID and instructional decals on an array of materials from your custom files or standard graphics.

Our manufacturing decals are available in a broad range of colors, sizes, and shapes. We also produce decals that have abrasion and weather resistance, permanent adhesion, are reflective, heavy duty, or that can be used as temporary magnets. To learn more about what Potter can do for you, contact our friendly experts today for a quote.