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Outdoor & Sporting

Whether you sell fishing equipment or hunting gear, you want to provide your customers with a way to show their brand allegiance by offering outdoor and sporting decals. Fortunately, Potter Decals has you covered. We use high-performance, outdoor-grade adhesive vinyl for our stickers, and they are die cut to your preferred shape.

We offer several standard size and color options. And, with our color matching expertise, we can perfectly replicate your brand’s colors. All of our fishing decals and hunting stickers are designed to be applied to the outside of truck windows. However, they also work well on any smooth, hard surface. Best of all, the colors are UV protected, so they will not fade. This will ensure your outdoor sporting stickers are looking great for many years to come.

Potter has the licenses to produce a broad range of hunting, fishing, and other outdoor and sporting decals for the rear windows of all types of vehicles. Our list of licenses is always evolving, so to find out if we can produce what you have in mind, your best bet is to contact our friendly professionals today. We will also give you a quote on how much your project will cost.