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Die Cut Decals

If you would like your windows to have as much transparent space as possible or you have a complicated shape, die cut decals are the best way to display your design. At Potter Decals, we offer numerous standard die shapes and sizes. Or, you can bring in your own custom shape. This gives you virtually limitless possibilities to make your design stand out from traditional stickers.

We offer several options to have your product cut to shape. Our digitally die cut stickers, known in the industry as pro-cut, laser-cut, or computer-cut decals, are made through a vinyl cutting process that is controlled by a computer. Our precision machinery reads vector lines from a design file and cuts into a roll of vinyl with a small blade, which after weeding leaves behind a product perfectly cut to shape. With the addition of application tape, digitally die cut products can have multiple pieces that can be applied all together.

Thermal and steel rule die cutting are done by a machine that loads a custom die to stamp out your product.  Thermal die cutting, also known as kiss cutting, cuts through the top layer of material leaving a background that your stickers can be peeled off of. Great for sticker packs, and retail products, thermal die cutting is a great option. Steel rule dies punch a decal right out of the printed sheet, allowing a very professional looking clean edge cut to the shape of your product. We offer die cut decals in gold, clear, silver, or white with a variety of screen-printed color options. For a free consultation and quote on die cut decals, contact Potter Decals today.