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Euro Ovals

Euro oval decals have come a long way since jumping the pond decades ago. Nowadays, the term “euro ovals” is used to describe virtually any kind of die cut oval sticker and not just the original black and white decals featuring the initials of the country of origin. At Potter Decals, we offer two standard sizes for thermal die cut, screen printed euro oval decals on 4 mil white vinyl.

Clients often ask us, “What exactly are ‘euro ovals?'” Many of the license plate designs in Europe look the same. This was leading to a variety of problems, so the United Nations introduced unique oval-shaped, country ID stickers that were required on all motor vehicles. Depending on the car’s country of origin, the euro oval would have one, two, or three letters.

In the United States, where there are no requirements for such stickers, it became fashionable to use euro ovals to promote your school or favorite locations. Even businesses started to get into it. Nowadays, it is common to see them in place of bumper stickers with web addresses, colored backgrounds and text, and logos. Are you ready to use euro ovals to promote your organization? Contact Potter Decals today for a free consultation and quote.