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Static Cling Decals

From team logos and in-store marketing to political campaigns and parking permits, static cling decals are the non-adhesive alternative for easy to remove application. If you have a project you don’t think a standard adhesive sticker will work for, we can to help you find out if static clings are the solution.  Static clings are ideal for showcasing your logo or message on any window for long-term or short-term purposes. And, when you are done, they leave no residue. Our static cling decals have the option to print on a clear release liner for retail ready easy view of the designm with your barcode, pre-price, and other unique information at your request.

We are often asked, “Which is better: static clings or bumper stickers?” It depends on what you need decals for. Static cling stickers work great on any smooth surface, such as plastic, metal, and glass. They are printed with sharp colors and have a glossy finish. Static clings can be placed on the inside or the outside of your windows though we recommend the inside facing out. Static cling decals are frequently used for short-term use, such as special promotions or personal events, like weddings.

To find out if static cling decals are right for your project or to get started on an order, contact Potter Decals today for a free consultation!